Making Democracy Work

To Vote in Troy

Troy Voter Eligibility and Election Facts

Troy Voter Eligibility

To vote in Troy, you must be

  • a citizen of the USA
  • a resident of Troy for at least 30 days
  • 18 years of age or older
  • registered at least 30 days before the election at any Secy of State office, City Clerk's office or Oakland County Clerk's office.

You may register by mail. However, the first time you vote must be in person and with picture ID. Registration is permanent unless you move or change names.
Troy Election Facts

  • School District elections: May Annual for Lamphere, Warren Consolidated; November Even Years: Troy, Bloomfield Hills; November Odd Years: Avondale; November Annual: Birmingham, Royal Oak These may be subject to change via state law.

  • Local Elections: November Odd Years: Troy mayor and Council

  • State and National elections: August Even Years: (Alternating) Gubernatorial and Presidential Primary; November Even Years: (Alternating) Gubernatorial and President for 4 year term.

  • Special elections may be held when necessary.

Democracy is not a spectator sport! Get informed and vote!